How to find under market value properties

By Victor Kumar
Over the past six or so months I’ve taken you through the many types of under market value properties on the market.
You probably didn’t think there were so many!
We’ve explored distressed real estate; institutional sales such as mortgagees in possession; properties that are suffering from bad marketing, poor presentation or from being a bit “warty”; and we’ve discussed how you can benefit from bulk deals and simple subdivisions.
Of course, the million-dollar question now is how do you find them?
Why agents should become good friends
The best properties sometimes never make it on to the market at all.
So, if they’re never marketed to the general buying public, how do you even find out about them?
The answer is to develop good relationships with the sales agents in the areas that you’re interested in investing.
Let them know what sort of property you’re looking for and your general budget parameters.
By doing that, they may well tell you about suitable properties before they come on to the market and give you an opportunity to submit an offer.
Why would they do that?
Sometimes, it’s because the seller just wants a property sold with minimum fuss and publicity.
Other times, as long as you’re prepared to act quickly, the vendor is chasing a quick result more than anything else, which is particularly the case with distressed sales.
As long as the agent can secure the best price for their vendor, it’s also in their best interest to sell it as quickly as possible, too.
Learning about off-market opportunities can really give you an edge as you won’t have any competition from other buyers also looking to secure a bargain.
Expert assistance
As well as developing a rapport with local sales agents, another strategy to use to find under market value properties is to utilise expert assistance.
And when I say expert assistance I mean buyers’ agents or buyers’ advocates.
As a buyers’ agent myself, my days are filled with researching the market to find the very best properties for my clients.
At Right Property Group, we have helped hundreds of property investors add to their portfolios – and have had much success securing under market value properties – over the years.
We always consider their preferred strategy, which may be negatively-geared, positive cash flow, capital growth, or as I have presented here, under market value property.
But we also provide expert advice and guidance to determine whether their strategy will actually help them achieve their financial goals and dreams over the long term.
I do hope you’ve enjoyed learning about under market value properties over the past few months.
If you’re interested in finding some for yourself, then please contact me so we can start the search sooner rather than later and let those profits start rolling in!
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