Investing Insights – Video Podcast – 8th September 2020

How being an invested investor counts – Navigating the data, on the ground truths of vacancy rates and the importance of cash flow.
In this episode, our hosts Victor Kumar & Steve Waters from Right Property Group share how important more than ever it is to navigate the data, the on the ground truths of vacancy rates and the importance of cash flow.

Tune in to hear them unpack:
– On the ground data of vacancy rates dispels what the media are telling us
– The importance of getting granular in your approach to analyzing and researching the market.
– Risk mitigation and buffers and how these play into your portfolio performance and the “sleep at night” factor
– The role of commercial property in your portfolio. Commercial is not for everyone and shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your portfolio. There is risks and rewards and these are important to understand.
– How regular reviews of your portfolio including mortgage structures, interest rates, rent reviews and maintenance are paramount to your success as an invested investor as opposed to a passive investor
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