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What We Do

Property Investment Research

Indepth Research & Risk Analysis

Smart property investing requires an in-depth knowledge of the up and coming property hotspots, economic indicators and market trends. Even for seasoned investors with extensive portfolios, the time and experience for research to mitigate risks is hugely time-consuming. Victor & Steve have more than 20 years of investing experience which enables them to either pick or flick opportunities quickly so that you don’t waste your time or money. Allow us to carry out the groundwork and present you with the best property investment opportunities—pros and cons—so you can carry on with the things that are important to you.

Sourcing Investment Properties

Property Selection

Based on your investment goals and circumstances, our experienced team of investment professionals will help you find suitable properties throughout Australia which best match your investment goals. This helps streamline the process so you are able to purchase with confidence, knowing you’ve made an educated decision. With unmatched negotiation skills, your Right Property Group advisor will help you secure the best price and terms for a true ‘hands-free’ investing experience.

Property Investment

Ongoing Guidance

Our services don’t stop after you’ve secured your investment property. We guarantee ongoing support and guidance on how to maximise your property portfolio to ensure long-term asset growth. Extensive portfolio assessments are available at no additional costs. You’ll also gain complete access to our easy-to-understand analysis and tracking system to help you understand and gain control of your property portfolio.

When Lifestyle Matters

If there was a way to reduce your mortgage, generate disposable income while you sleep and give you the financial freedom to choose your path in life, wouldn’t you want to find out more? When you book a Blueprint with Steve or Victor we will guide you on a journey to transform the way you think about property investing.

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