EP77 The Power of Strategic Patience in an Uncertain Market

2022 is turning out different than what experts expected, as the emergence of Omicron throws a spanner in the property market’s works. In a market riddled with uncertainty, having a little “strategic patience” can go a long way.

In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, Steve Waters, Victor Kumar, and Phil Tarrant remind investors to keep their heads on their shoulders when navigating the market by being flexible to changes in micro and macroeconomic policies and advice against “buying for the sake of buying”.

The trio enumerates the factors and events that could shake up trends this year – including the upcoming federal elections, continued tightening of supply, a potential RBA rate hike, and further lending restrictions – before zeroing in on the ones that will truly shape the market conditions.

They also touch on how investors can tweak their investment strategies to keep up with the ever-changing real estate market landscape.