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Liz Kalal

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Liz Kalal

Position: Purchasing and Administration Assistant

Meet Liz, affectionately dubbed “No Budget Liz” for her love of designer fashion. Drawing on her Italian roots, Liz delights our team with her culinary skills, serving up scrumptious cakes and biscuits during our meetings.Her holistic lifestyle includes daily walks, reformer Pilates, and mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation.

Professionally, Liz is a seasoned team player with a history of supporting senior managers at top corporations like Fuji Xerox. Her proactive nature shines through as she eagerly assists clients, earning admiration for her dedication and cheerful demeanor. Balancing her career with being a mother to two teenagers, she navigates the challenges of family and work with grace and energy. An ardent Liverpool FC fan, Liz’s enthusiasm extends beyond the office to the football stands.

Her love for animals also makes her the go-to pet sitter among friends. Whether it’s in professional settings or personal pursuits, Liz’s vibrant personality and caring nature make her a beloved member of our team.