Investing Insights – Video Podcast – 15th June 2020

Depreciation benefits – You don’t always have to spend money to claim it

Special guest, Bradley Beer, CEO of the largest and most trusted quantity surveying firm in the country, BMT Tax Depreciation, joins hosts Steve Waters & Victor Kumar from Right Property Group to share his unique insights into property investing and depreciation as well as shares some insights into his own investment adventures.
In this episode Steve, Victor & Brad examine different options available to ensure you claim the maximum deductions for your investment property and reveal some of the biggest misconceptions around depreciation, proving that whether your property is old or new, you don’t always have to spend money before you can claim it.
Having completed over 700,000 depreciation reports across the country and just last year assisting clients to claim approx $8,000 of deductions – in the first year on average, this episode will arm you with some hardcore facts to assist you in getting the most out of your investments as we head into tax time.
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