EP 97: The Impact of Technology on Property Buying and Selling

In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, Steve Waters and Victor Kumar discuss the following topics:
-The passage of time and how it can affect investing
-The changing nature of the real estate market and the role of technology in shaping it
-Expectations for the coming year In the real estate market
-Importance of staying informed and seeking professional advice for investment decisions

They discuss how the ease of transaction and the ability for people to track and change their mortgages has made December less of a rush for purchasing or selling property. They also highlight how the spring selling season, even with the circumstances of COVID-19, has not seen the same volume of ticks as in previous years.

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The episodes mentioned below provide valuable information for property investors as they discuss the past, present, and future of the market and how believing the truth or believing the data can impact your investment decisions. In the coming year, Steve and Victor expect to see significant changes in the real estate market and encourage investors to stay informed and adapt to these changes. Here’s the FB live replay where they talk about the 3 components that will affect the market in 2023.

Right Property Group can help you on your investment journey by providing expert advice and guidance on building a successful property portfolio. Watch the entire episode to learn more and contact the Right Property Group team for more information.