EP 90: The 5 Mistakes the Everyday Investor will make in Today’s Market

In episode 90 of the Investing Insights Podcast, Steve and Victor discuss the 5 mistakes an everyday investor is either currently making or going to make in today’s market.

Having twenty-plus years of experience in the property sector, including their own hands-on experience with their personal portfolios, both Victor and Steve have made these mistakes early on in their journey and do not want you to do the same.

Listen in and take note so that you too do not fall into making these very mistakes that so many ill-informed investors make!

1) Chasing a high yield at the sacrifice of quality
2) Thinking that the cost of money, or the rate, is everything.
3) Protect your serviceability at all costs
4) Thinking you can time the market
5) Embrace the change

Steve and Victor encourage everyone to be strategic, deliberate, and above all, prepared when it comes to their property investing journey.

Tune in now for an in-depth look at what you need to know to avoid these mistakes.

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