EP 85: As we enter this cycle, are you prepared?

Are you PREPARED as we enter this cycle? With the immense changes happening on the property front at the moment, gear up against these market factors by being aware of the current conditions, and understanding what you need to do as both a current property investor and a new investor.

In this podcast, Steve Waters and Victor Kumar Directors at Right Property Group talk about the trillion-dollar question – INTEREST RATES and the impact both today and in the future. The finance cycle has changed, and they talk about how it’s affected parts of the market, the impact on consumer mindset, and the pieces in and around it to shape consumer confidence.

Steve and Victor make mention of the all too familiar doom and gloom media articles and caution to not take these headlines as fact when it comes to your property investing strategy. Rather dig further into the information and conduct your own research and due diligence.

As we go through this episode, Steve and Victor will dissect some common questions, including:

What will the market do?

What should I do?

What will increasing interest rates do to my property portfolio?

Should I be buying now?

Should I be waiting?

Or should I take any action at all?


And the answer to that is it DEPENDS!

Each individual has their own unique circumstances. It is important to understand not only the market but your circumstances and capabilities to strengthen your property game. This is especially relevant with the current accommodation crisis and market we have today.

NOW is the perfect time for you to build and prepare yourself as an investor, and gather advice from Steve and Victor, experts who have seen many market cycles in the past to guide you through your property investing journey.

It’s about “the now”.

Tune in to this episode to understand how you can enhance your position, and what action plans to consider for your portfolio.

Watch the full podcast here.

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