Ep54 Investing Insights Podcast 16th November 2020

In Episode 54 of the Investing Insights podcast, our hosts Victor Kumar & Steve Waters from Right Property Group discuss the recent rate cut, US President elect and the trickle down affect to Australia, and how believe the truth or believe the data can impact your investment decisions.
Tune in to hear them unpack:
– Consumer sentiment shift
– Now v GFC and the key similarities between the two
– The Worlds reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine announcement by Pfizer, the impact on Australia and most importantly property. What does the future look like once the borders open globally?
– President elect and the trickle down affect on Australia
– Data in a dynamic market. Avoid being caught out using old data.
– You can have all the data in the world, however for it to be truly useful you need to drill down further to ensure that even though the boxes may be ticked, does the property suit YOU and your circumstances.
– NOW is the time to be prepared. Do your housekeeping including review your loans, assess your household budget and simply spending time reviewing where you are at.
You will hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Investing Insights!

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