EP 126: Scar tissue, simplicity, and taking calculated risks

Welcome to “Property Investing Insights,” the go-to podcast for property investing, finance, and wealth creation with Right Property Group. Co-host Phil Tarrant is joined by Victor and Reshmi Kumar, the experts behind Right Property Group.

In this episode, the discussion revolves around decision making, challenges, having the eye for the opportunity and seizing them.


-Develop quick decision-making skills through extensive experience.

-Balance theoretical knowledge with practical experience for effective investing.

-Embrace discomfort and use past mistakes to inform future decisions.

-Keep investment strategies simple and easily understandable.

-Start investing early to leverage generational knowledge and mindset.

-Make quick, prepared decisions and stay informed on market trends.

-Actively manage your portfolio with support systems for optimal results.

-Focus on mindset, preparation, and calculated risks for investment success.

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