EP 122: A decade-plus of property investing: Life lessons from a seasoned investor

Join the insightful discussion about property investing with special guest Ross Le Quesne, a former top broker and prolific investor. With RPG’s guidance, he shares how the strategies played a pivotal role in his investment journey.

Ross Le Quesne is a seasoned industry leader with 25 years of experience as one of Australia’s top Mortgage Brokers. As the Founder and Director of The Billion Dollar Broker, Ross leverages his extensive expertise to coach and mentor a multitude of the country’s leading brokers.

In this episode, we delve into real-life experiences and knowledge accumulated over a decade of investing and mentoring, focusing on the key to successful property investment, the impact of first property purchases, timing the market, and the significance of starting investments early.

Additionally, we explore strategies for investing in properties in outer suburbs, the importance of mortgage insurance, refinancing to leverage property investments, and the role of financial buffers and interest rates in property investment. The episode also emphasises different phases of the property journey, the importance of quality over quantity, and the influence of debt on financial success.

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