EP 103: The Game of Property Investing: Anticipating Market Moves and Making Strategic Decisions

Welcome to Investing Insights with Right Property Group! In this episode, hosts Steve Waters and Victor Kumar discuss the confusion and conflicting opinions that arise in the property market during a market shift. They acknowledge that during a boom market, opinions are mostly the same, but in a bear market, they can be quite the opposite. However, they believe the current phase is just a market shift, and data and ground truth should be considered before making any decisions.

Key takeaways:

-In a market shift, it’s important to consider data and ground truth before making any investment decisions.

-The property market is like a game of chess, where players need to anticipate their opponents’ moves and make strategic decisions.

-Investing in property should be done with a three to five-year approach, and each area has a different cycle in terms of the timeframe.

-Diversification is important not only in different asset classes but also in various types of assets within an asset class.

-One needs to be realistic about affordability and not rely solely on what the bank says.

Steve and Victor also discuss the current state of the property market in Australia and how people are hesitant to invest due to the difficulty of getting funding, rather than a lack of information. They stress the importance of assessing one’s portfolio and making sure it is built on a strong foundation, as well as being counter-cyclical. They argue that education and information are more readily available now than in the past, which means people are more aware of what they should do, but are still held back by their ability to get funding.

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