ENCORE EPISODE – EP63 Is now the right time to purchase? It all comes down to you and your circumstance.

In Episode 63 of the Investing Insights podcast, Victor Kumar and Steve Waters from Right Property Group have a detailed discussion on a wide range of topics including the pulse of the market, agent mechanics of listing a property in today’s market, and insights into finance.

The question most people tend to ask is, “Is now the right time to get into the property market?”. For each person, this will be a different answer depending on your own set of circumstances—It’s not a clear answer. Investing is about timing the market in terms of YOUR set of circumstances. Eg Two years ago you couldn’t borrow due to thresholds and today you can. So potentially it is your time.

It all comes down to being business orientated. Far too many people think the hardest part is purchasing. Actually, it is the reverse. It’s how you control the purchases and manage the years ahead of holding the asset.

Buying within your own means. Buying on what YOU are trying to achieve by purchasing towards a plan. At times like this, you can re-arrange your portfolio – if they are no longer fitting and doing what they need to do.

Before you jump into selling, consideration of the associated costs needs to be worked through. E.g .transactional costs as well as replacing the rental income.

When it comes to finance rates will go up. It’s the reality that they won’t remain the way it is. The golden rule of asking a bank is “are you cross securitised?”. There is a time and place, however, it is well worth the while checking in with a broker experienced in structuring investment property loans.

Like we have said many times before, remember you ALWAYS want to be liquid. When you can borrow you should, you don’t need to spend it. Have the money before you need it. The key to investing is to be prepared for the opportunity rather than the other way around, where you then need to shortcut the process. Never ever forgo the pest and building, for example. Have your team around you when entering the buying process – Property strategist, Broker, Accountant, & Conveyancer.

You will hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of Investing Insights!

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