Do lockdowns boost property prices? Are short-sellers levelling the playing field? Did you lodge your tax returns early?

On this episode of The Nestegg Podcast, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic and three experts discuss the ups and downs of online auctions, the power of activist short-sellers, and tax time 2021.

Steve Waters, director of Right Property Group, chats about online auctions and why they resemble “a bad Zoom meeting”, the growing resilience of the property market, and how Sydney’s lengthy lockdown could shake things up.

RMIT’s senior lecturer of finance, Dr. Angel Zhong, delves into short selling – the original trade that sent GameStop stock soaring – and how activist short-sellers are impacting markets.

And lastly, tax and super guru Timothy Munro talks about those early tax lodgers and possible ramifications, as well as detailing the temporary shortcut method, which you may be able to use this tax time.