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Transforming lives through strategic property investing with Right Property Group

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Over 5000 properties purchased across multiple states in Australia.


More than 15 years of experience in guiding clients toward smart property investments.


Over 1000 clients satisfied with our services.


At Right Property Group, we empower property investors with expert advice, real property investment strategies that maximize returns, and comprehensive support to achieve their financial goals. Founded by seasoned experts, our mission is to guide you through every step of your investment journey with integrity and excellence. Discover how we can help you build a secure financial future.

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The RPG Method offers customised investment strategies designed to suit your unique circumstances, leveraging a proven 3-stage approach.


A thorough analysis of the current property climate and the up and coming suburbs in each state. Successful investing in the Australian property market requires extensive knowledge of the broader economic indicators and trends. For investors, having an analytical mind who understands the current property climate is non-negotiable and not only saves you a lot of time and stress, but also minimises any risks.

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Property Selection

Search, selection and negotiation of quality investment properties. Based on your individual circumstances and investment goals, we begin the search for properties that meet your requirements.  Our relationships with Real Estate Agents often mean we gain access to new properties before they are even advertised. Our fierce negotiators work to secure you the best price and terms, so you can concentrate on the things that are important to you.

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Ongoing support for your portfolio. Regular strategy reviews to ensure you’re on track. Utilising the RPG property dashboard. The journey with Right Property Group doesn’t end once the sale is finalised, as with traditional real estate agencies. You’ll receive ongoing support and guidance on maximising your property portfolio to ensure long-term asset growth.

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While a traditional buyer’s agent primarily focuses on sourcing a property and negotiating on your behalf, Right Property Group goes above and beyond, offering a range of additional services and benefits.

  • Blueprint
  • Secure Finance
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Property Selection
  • Purchase Co-ordination
  • Ongoing Support
  • 1 - Blueprint


    Successful investors are those that have strategies in place to withstand and succeed in any given situation, whether that be changing personal circumstances or a broader economic crisis triggered by a global pandemic. We provide a fully customised property investment blueprint with our qualified property investment advisors where we tailor strategies to your individual circumstances. Whether you’re a first-time investor or seasoned professional with an already growing portfolio we will assess your financial situation, your goals, your risk profile, and your comfort zone to develop an investment strategy that suits you, with your goals and objectives in mind.


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  • 2 - Secure Finance


    We will work with your own broker or can connect you with one of our investment savvy partners who will evaluate your financial status to structure and secure your loans in line with your strategy. We recommend trying to preserve cash flow and capital where possible and will make sure your loans are structured accordingly.

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  • 3 - Strategy Implementation


    Now that we have clarity on your finance, it is time to cement your strategy. We emphasise diversification, a balance of capital growth and cash flow, while promoting maximum exposure to the property market. We will reveal how to design your decade and use the current market to shape your portfolio over the next 10 years. Your personal strategy will guide you to expand your portfolio safely and efficiently, figure out your cash flow tolerances, and start planning on how to retire your debt. It is imperative that we are always planning with the end game in mind.

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  • 4 - Property Selection


    Smart property investing requires an in-depth knowledge of the up and coming property hotspots, economic indicators and market trends. Based on your investment goals and circumstances, our experienced team of investment professionals will help you find suitable properties throughout Australia that best match your investment goals, allowing you to purchase with confidence, knowing you’ve made an educated decision.

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  • 5 - Purchase Co-ordination


    Our Purchase Co-ordinators have over 35 years of combined Real Estate experience and have overseen 1500+ transactions for our clients. They will guide you from exchange to settlement and become a crucial part of your team co-ordinating with the real estate agent, your solicitor, your broker, and your property manager to ensure everyone is working together for you to meet the contract deadlines.

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  • 6 - Ongoing Support


    Not one of our competitors can compete with the level of ongoing support we provide our clients all at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Our active, hands-on investing experience allows clients to ensure long-term asset growth, realise their financial and investment goals sooner, and enjoy real confidence when investing in property by taking control of their property portfolio.

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Explore our resources and achieve your investment goals with confidence. Our clients have succeeded in property investment across Australia, benefiting from our tailored advice and comprehensive support.


 Enhance your property investment journey with our extensive range of podcasts and thought-provoking articles. Listen, learn, and thrive in the world of property investment with Right Property Group.

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Our expert property investment strategies, combined with continuous support from our seasoned property advisors, will empower you to realise your dreams. Whether your goal is to attain a mortgage-free life or retire in comfort, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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