EP83 Why it’s not the End of the Property Boom

While headlines are filled with narratives of the property boom now in the rearview mirror, investors are advised not to listen to the Chicken Littles proclaiming that the real estate market is in freefall mode without accurate justification.

In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, Steve Waters, Victor Kumar, and Phil Tarrant put a magnifying glass on the negative forecasts for the property market and give their insights as to why the prospects are not all doom and gloom for investors.

As investors brace for several headwinds, including higher interest rates, potential property policy changes in the wake of the election, and other changes in the fundamental dynamics, the trio gives their best tips on how to prepare for shifts in the market.

They also emphasise that there is no wrong time to enter the market and that true “investors” will not just chase market highs but seize opportunities for growth.