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Dennis Bexis
August 27, 2013

To all those thinking about property investing, just a few words in regards to my experience purchasing my first property via the Right Property Group. After my initial couple of months of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about how I could get myself into investing, I attended a few of the fortnightly seminars, and inturn recently used the buyers agent service at the Right Property Group to purchase a property, (make that two as I’m settling on another at the moment).

At the seminars I realised these guys were actually interested in educating me and teaching me the skills I would need to be successful in the property developing world. Best part of the seminars- no imposition by anyone. No feeling like I have to pay for something or be pushed into something I was still trying to get my head around.

In fact, looking back at it, the seminars provided enough specific details that allowed me to understand and inturn have greater confidence in dealing with agents, strata personnel, tradies, accountants and all involved. The break down and examples of personal past and current experiences have by far been the greatest teachers for me throughout the process.

Probably the most noticeable part of the experience is the smooth transition between all the areas. Meet with Victor to get the short and long term strategies planned (get the foundations right), see Nat to take you through and see properties with more confidence (it’s actually quite empowering having your buyers agent with you when you go to see potential properties- knowing exactly what to look for), then Steve guides you through the final stage giving you options you probably wouldn’t even have thought of, with the knowledge on the right renovations to be doing and when. (The ‘when’, as I discovered, is very important and saved me a lot of money). Then there’s Kate who brings it all together, doing everything in between to make it happen.

Thankyou to all at the Right Property Group, the experience has and continues to educate me in regards to money and property investing, has changed my mindset and given me financial freedom.

To all those thinking about investing in property, I strongly recommend you educate yourselves first with these guys and then decide on your next step. You’ll find they surface paths beyond our usual scope.

K & J Chuah
August 27, 2013

I would fully recommend Right Property Group to anyone interested in property investment. Victor and Steve have been very generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences in the field, and their help has been pivotal in our investing journey.

Right Property Group had helped us purchased 6 properties so far, each and every one of them is a winner. Thanks Guys for finding us these amazing deals!!

Anne & Jim
July 30, 2013

The team at Right Property Group made the process of buying and renovating a property easy every step of the way. Victor and Kate assessed our borrowing capacity then, referred us to a suitable lender, who was more likely to approve our loan. The job of sourcing a property under market value was much easier than doing it on our own because Nathan, Steve and Victor are “on the ground” constantly sourcing properties. Their group of contacts were invaluable.

The property we settled on was at Minto. It looked like a disaster area which, to the uninitiated, could have been rather daunting. Steve arrived on the first day that we had access to the property and walked us step-by-step through the Scope of Works. This set us up to follow through the renovation process relatively smoothly. The tradesmen and supplier contacts provided by Right Property Group arrived on time and in the right sequence which saved us an enormous amount of stress and headaches. Steve and Victor were very supportive whenever we sought advice and guidance related to the property renovation, acquisition or needed to source other contacts.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the service provided by everyone at Right Property Group and would happily recommend them to others.

Judy & George Domek
July 30, 2013

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Victor, Steve, Kate & Nat for all their help securing properties for us. Not only did they make the entire process much easier but they were always there with help and advice both through the buying and the renovating process. The properties they have secured for us were well under market value allowing us to build equity to continue building a portfolio. They helped us formulate a strategy to achieve our goals and have given us both the confidence and guidance to move forward to attain these goals”

We have never regretted our decision to be part of the ‘Right Property Group’ family and look forward to many more successful property deals.

July 30, 2013

“You guys are terrific. I always come away from your meetings having learned something and last night was no different. Your stories are inspiring and real and the wealth of knowledge which you share is phenomenal. Besides, having Kate greet us with her beaming smile is a big bonus! I’ll be back. Thanks to all you.”

June 7, 2013

It was a pleasure working with RPG on my first investment property transaction. Their market knowledge combined with a skilled and responsive team that guides you through the process from start to finish easily justifies the fees charged. I will most certainly be using them for my next purchase!

Ivy Contreras
July 31, 0218

Honestly – after this easy experience, I wished we went with RPG for the first investment.  It was less stressful,
and you were very helpful in organising everything for me.  I knew what I needed to do, as you guided me well. 
It’s what I was looking for all along.  After having such a stressful few months with the Central coast property – I
could not go through another renovation.  I thank you for helping me decipher the P&B report, as I was thinking
that if I bought this house, I might be spending thousands again.

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