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Craig Cochrane

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Craig Cochrane

Position: Portfolio Manager

Craig Cochrane started with Right Property Group in February 2016. Craig has always been interested in the property market, researching, buying and learning as much as he can. Over the years, Craig has bought and sold many properties, with more than  20 doors under his belt, including a block of units in Wagga Wagga which he renovated—another passion of his.

Craig’s career life has always focused on customer service and building long-term relationships. Passionate, personable, honest and caring, are just a few of the words used to describe him.

Craig is motivated to achieve the best possible result for his clients. Craig’s ability to rapidly respond to his clients’ needs with accuracy and insight and unearth quality talent within some challenging sectors provides favourable outcomes for both company and client. Craig has a ‘never give up’ attitude. He is tenacious and productive.

In his spare time, Craig enjoys time with his family and friends, renovating properties and looking for that next property deal to add to his portfolio. His  passion for property is second to none. He enjoys discussing, learning and hearing about property. Craig is a licensed real estate agent in NSW.