Is the market overheating; should ETFs take your fancy, and what’s happening to the low and middle income tax offset?

On this episode of The nestegg Podcast, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic and three experts discuss the latest in equities, property investing and super.

Steve Waters, director of Right Property Group, chats about the latest in property, including the much-talked-about use of macro-prudential measures to cool the rapidly expanding market.

RMIT’s senior lecturer of finance, Dr Angel Zhong, talks about soaring ETFs, what they are and why young investors, in particular, are jumping onboard their latest surge. Dr Zhong also takes a closer look at BNPL platforms.

And lastly, tax and super guru Timothy Munro gives his thoughts on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s choice to backtrack on any further SG changes and looks at the impending end of the low and middle income tax offset.