Investing Insights – Video Podcast – 15th May 2020

How to use the current market conditions to shape your portfolio over the next decade

It has taken a global pandemic to force a lot of Australian’s to find the time to take a proper look at their spending and exposure. On the bright side, the actions you take now to arrest your cash flow will have a positive impact on your portfolio over the next decade.
In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, hosts Steve Waters and Victor Kumar share their key tips to creating options within your portfolio. They touch on the strategies you can employ such as: adding a secondary income, renovating to draw equity, essentially finding someway to be liquid, and start correcting your cash flow position.
It’s a perfect time for a reality check and it is important that you don’t confuse action for results. It might be time to slow down or hasten the pace if you are falling behind in terms of opportunity cost, there needs to be an endpoint where you retire the debt. Always make sure you are aiming towards your end goal because planning and modeling can be very assumptive and you can’t model a virus into the equation.