EP 74: The Obvious And Not So Obvious Changes In 2021 That Are Already Shaping The 2022 Market

In this Episode, Victor Kumar and Steve Waters from Right Property Group discuss the major (and the not so obvious) factors that are shaping 2022.

History once again repeats itself and we’ve seen this cycle many times before and have seen the obvious — liquidity factors, moratorium, custom money decreasing, loosening of credit policy, job security, rent increasing in some areas, government grants, and more. All these components, coming together then and now, will play a part in where you are today and in the coming years.

Technology is one of the major factors that will continue to affect 2022. With everything digital, it has introduced us to a more streamlined, timely, and cost-efficient process. Now we are far more diligent, effective, and educated. Another scenario we are looking at is the shift of wealth for people who speculated and aggressively jumped into the market and want to go back to their usual lifestyle may cause revenge spending and debts that will surely affect the market. Along with these factors discussed were postponed construction paused because of higher cost, international borders scheduled to open up, credit policy tightened, and borrowing and purchasing capacity, to name a few.

Real question is, “is your portfolio fragile or on a solid foundation?”.

Now is a great time to reshape your mindset and process on where you want to be in the next years. Tune in to know more about these factors you should look into and be aware of to pivot your strategy for 2022 on this podcast.