EP 72: Don’t Always Believe The Data | Investing Between The Flags

In this Episode 72 of the Investing Insights podcast, Victor Kumar and Steve Waters from Right Property Group uncovers the truth about data and how this could affect you as an investor. Data is a surviving factor in investing in property, but there could be danger in relying solely on data. If you think data never lies, then you haven’t seen it all. Data is fundamental in investing between the flags, but also routine checks, ground truth, cash flow management, and many more factors that contribute to successful property investing.

We live in a world where news is everywhere and today, with the APRA changes, inflation rising, and with the market reacting to the media, data can be misunderstood. Headlines may contain property prices soaring, but this could actually mean growth and an opportunity for you to take advantage.

Successful property investing is making sure you are always in control of the cash flow, have enough liquidity, and have the ability to pivot your strategy within the moving market and your own circumstance.

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