EP 101: The Psychology of Real Estate Investing

In this episode of Investing Insights with Right Property Group, Victor Kumar and Steve Waters discuss the importance of understanding one’s own psychology and the psychology of investing in real estate. They talk about the current state of the market, the need to stay informed, and how to determine whether to consolidate or buy during this period.

Key Takeaways:

-Understanding one’s own psychology and the psychology of investing is a cornerstone of success in any asset class with particular reference to your relationship with debt.

-Informed investors who remain steadfast can reap the rewards in the current market cycle

-Keeping things simple is crucial and highlighting the importance of cash flow, which is the oxygen of investing.

-Continually reviewing one’s position and making adjustments to cater for what’s happening in the market is crucial.

-Modelling can be a directional tool, but not a rigid plan.

-Being prepared for when the market changes is crucial, rather than timing the market.

-Surrounding yourself with a peer group that has achieved what you want to achieve and has experience in what they’re giving advice on is essential.

-What are you doing right NOW? What moves are you making to get yourself into position to make your moves?

Victor and Steve also referenced previous episode topics, including:

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