EP 87: Beware! Your next opportunity may be disguised in problems ⁠ — Know how to unwrap the layers.

For over 15 years, Steve Waters and Victor Kumar have experienced the ups, downs, the ins, and outs of many property cycles. As rates are once again on their way up, it could be easy to retreat without considering the potential opportunities that the current cycle offers.

In episode 86 of the Investing Insights Podcast, Steve and Victor discuss how some elements of the market have over-performed well and truly and that is not healthy. Contractions in the market may well happen.

This is cyclical and people need to realise that this is just another season. As cycles change, new opportunities arise and these may be disguised as wrapped up in problems! It is a matter of understanding how to unwrap the layers to solve the problem. Over the next 12-18 months there will be several types of opportunities to look out for – be aware though that not all investors’ circumstances are suited to what will be available and therefore will be best to sit out.

In this phase of the cycle, those who are prepared will come out shining in the end, and those who are not can easily be bitten by the changes – the good news is, it isn’t too late to do your groundwork and prepare.

This includes knowing your costs to operate from your household expenses to your investments. A key point that Steve and Victor mention in most episodes is the importance of addressing the fundamentals understanding that investing is all about the medium to long term.

There is no magic formula- if you are not prepared, DON’T do anything!

The best tip of all is trying to time the market is a fool’s game.

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