How much money do I need to invest in a property?

Many of our clients at Right Property Group didn’t realise they were in a financial position to have an investment property. One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “how much money do I need to invest in a property?” 

There is a misconception, that you need to be wealthy to invest—you don’t have to be rich. You simply need the right strategies and a blueprint to successful investing.

Taking the first step towards owning a property is making sure you are in a financial position to do so.
PropCalc is the easiest way to take the first steps toward becoming a successful investor. It uses property specific information to provide you with the real cost to owning a property. Use the generated information or add your own for a personalised cost. Key suburb data is provided, and the tool features the ability to include changes in interest rates, maintenance costs, rates, insurance and much more, making property research a breeze.