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With over 14 years in the industry, we continue helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through smart property investment—no matter their experience level or age. Our extensive network within the real estate industry also allows us to help investors like you discover better opportunities in more locations, faster. With regular workshops, we help provide clarity and education around a complex topic.


In partnership with Smart Property Investment, directors Steve Waters and Victor Kumar launched the inaugural episode of the ‘Investing Insights’ podcast. Their insightful and timely investment commentary continues to be listened to by avid property investors around Australia. The first episode, “11 Things Successful Property Investors DON’T Do,” was aired on the 19th of October and started the successful series, now into its second season.


Director Steve Waters is invited to join the board of PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia). Honoured by the invitation, it’s the perfect platform to advance an industry cause he’s passionate about: the continued rise of the level of expertise and professionalism of buyer’s agents nationwide. Steve’s enjoying the challenge and leads the cause by example.


Victor Kumar and Steve Waters joined forces in 2009 to create Right Property Group, a Buyers Agent and Property Strategist.

Steve, a licensed real estate agent with over 3,000 transactions to his name, and Victor, already a successful property advisor since 2001, decided to combine their knowledge and passion for property and since that day have worked hard to help thousands of ordinary Australians invest in property.

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